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After several Walt Disney World trips in early childhood, Rachel became an amateur Disney historian and expert, poring over endless volumes of official and unofficial guides, and scouring the internet for images of abandoned attractions such as 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. If she had a time machine, she would travel to the mid-1980's to relive Epcot in its former glory, or to the 1964 World's Fair. Though originally from upstate New York, she moved to Florida in 2010, and has been an annual passholder ever since. She now lives in Orlando with her husband and sweet pooch. If you don't find her at home, you'll probably find her at Trader Sam's, watching the bar stools go up and down.



I’m so excited to be sharing this journey with all of you and just wanted to tell you a little bit about myself and my love of Disney. I am Mommy to a 3 year old princess, that is just as Disney obsessed as I am. I am also a kindergarten teacher and I am very passionate about the many roles I play here at Imagination Radio Network. I love the Disney Parks and experiencing their magic through the eyes of my daughter, but I love the lifelong ideals that I have pulled from the lessons of Walt Disney. My favorite movie is Meet The Robinsons because of the “keep moving forward” philosophy presented in the movie. That quote is a constant reminder to the livelihood of Walt and the parks and films that he and The Walt Disney Company have created for us to enjoy. It reminds me to never leave my ideas on a park bench, because they may be able to spark joy for others. I am also reminded that we should not accept failure as an option, there’s always an inventive solution within a Disney heart.


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My name is Denise McGee and I'm a Mom of 2 amazing boys! I am a New Jersey gal through and through. My loves are my boys, the beach and of course DISNEY! I am a stay at home Mom but I have been a Cosmetologist for many years. In College I was an Art major and loved to bring my creative side out. For this reason, I went to Cosmetology school and found my passion in my Artistic abilities. I love all things regarding Walt Disney & the World. These Magical parks have raised me with a true spirit of joy that is sometimes undescribable.

At a young age, my parents drove us to Florida when Magic Kingdom had opened only years before. I will never forget the castle and the rides & attractions we got to embrace. As I grew up, the beach was more of a vacation for my familly, especially being from NJ. Disney World was far away, and being one of seven children, it was hard to get to WDW like I do now. So as a young girl, I only visited Disney world twice and it was only Magic Kingdom at the time. When i was in my teens and late twenties, I returned back with a girlfriend and a small group. And I even flew to Disney Land as a friend of mine took a job in area . So , why not go visit her?

As I grew older, my heart has always had a special place for Disney. I would shop at the Disney store monthly and purchase numerous collective dolls and video sets. Clothing and to remind me how much I wanted to go back.

Which leads me to today, and my sharing the love of all things Disney and every park that it offers. My oldest is 13 and my youngest is 8. Both of my boys have been going to Disney yearly, sometimes multiple times a year since they were in my womb or as infants! My boys love going to the parks, they thouroughly enjoy the rides and attractions! We come together as a family the four of us, my husband included (can be a big kid at heart) while in the parks. There is a joy Disney brings to us all. Especially my 8 year old son who has Autism.He was non verbal and had many issues with sensory processing, sounds overwhelming anxiety when he was younger. He didn't speak till almost 5 1/2 & I truly believe Disney has been his saving grace and his therapy. He spoke many first words there while he was delayed in speech and had many moments of over stimuli in the past. But in Disney, he is comfortable, confident and not anxious. He is calm, happy , joyful and very expressive in language and his emotions.

We are truly a Disney family & its our home away from home!


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Hi my name is Dorrie and I’m a resident of the UK. I’m a Mother of Four grown-up children and Grandma to Five. I have been a self-confessed Walt Disney World fan since my first visit in 1995.Having clocked up 15 trips to date, I am always planning our next multi-generational visit. I wouldn’t consider vacationing anywhere else. Walt Disney World has my heart and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I’m an advocate of The Disney Dining Plan and love exploring all the culinary options Walt Disney World has to offer.


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Hey Y’all!! My name is Shelley, and I’ve been addicted to all things Disney since I was a child! My first REAL job was working for the Mouse, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was THE BEST EMPLOYER EVER!!! After I left The Walt Disney Company, I worked in Broadcasting for several years. Gave up my career after I got married. Once I was divorced...I had to start all over as a singing bartender bar manager extraordinaire!! I’m now a single mommy of a vivacious little boy, and yes.....He loves all things Disney as much as his Mommy! I am also a Breast Cancer Warrior Survivor!! Just a Carolina girl loving Life, and ALL things Disney!!!

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